2016 Excitement: Building On The Past, Moving To The Future

Judy CWBA2016 is just around the corner now and many of us are left wondering what happened to 2015. Each year seems to go by faster leaving us realizing that we’re a year older, but looking back on so many special moments that the year included.  I personally married off a daughter and now have the proud new credentials of Mother-in-law.  That was an amazing and beautiful day. There are many “work” milestones from this year as well that are also super amazing. Our acquisition of Avery Woods added nine highly skilled and motivated reporters and staff onto our team.  They take the same great pride in the quality of their work as our current staff, but add a unique dimension of talents to all that we offer.  We welcome each one of them with open arms!  Combining our team, our strengths and our staff resources substantially increased our ability to provide the finest court reporting with the most current litigation support technologies available. Our new offices on the corner of California and 17th Street have been more of a buzz of action than we’d ever have thought.  It seems many attorneys would rather leave their offices for a day of depositions than to stay in house.  And we are very happy to host them!  We’re so convenient, not only for those in the immediate downtown area, but for anyone on the Light Rail route, Free MetroRide or 16th Street mall ride.  The Light Rail C, D, and F Lines stop on the northeast corner of our intersection.  The Free MetroRide circles continuously between Union Station and Lincoln at 16th Avenue via 18th and 19th Streets.  We didn’t realize quite how convenient our location would be.   Our conference rooms sometimes feel like rotating doors!  Clients in, clients out, more clients in!!  Our office staff has enjoyed the “hostessing” part of their job, making sure everyone is comfortable and has a hot cup of coffee and a warm pastry or sandwich! High Definition Videoconferencing is becoming more widely used for out-of-state depositions than in years past, as well. Time is valuable and time travelling can take away what could otherwise be billable hours or … imagine this concept, spending time with family!!  Who wants to spend a night out of town for a one-hour deposition in Idaho the following morning when you could stay in town, arrive at our offices 15 minutes before the deposition, take the deposition via videoconference, see your deponent the whole time, then be back in your office 15 minutes after the deposition is over.  BAM!! Technology in court reporting continues to evolve at breakneck speed and Stevens-Koenig is on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest. The latest technologies we can offer our clients when they need them include picture-in-picture video, remote realtime depositions, paperless depositions, and streaming video services.  We know you certainly don’t need all of these advanced technologies for every deposition, or even for every 10th or 20th deposition, but we want you to know that they’re here for you when you do find yourself in a case where they’re needed. Our commitment to our longstanding standard of excellence continues as we move into a new year.  Thanks to all our valuable clients, once again, for an outstanding 2015! We’re so excited about the opportunities the New Year will bring and are prepared to make 2016 the best year ever for providing any and all services you need in the court reporting arena. My door is always open, so if you have any questions on any of the services available, please call. I’d love the opportunity to talk with you and learn exactly how we can help you in 2016! -Judy Stevens, President/CEO of Stevens-Koenig Reporting

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