5 Online Resources on Retirement for Freelance Court Reporters

freelance court reporter retirement online resourcesAs a freelance court reporter, you don’t receive benefits that court reporters who are employees may receive. One of those benefits may be a retirement plan, meaning that self-employed court reporters will be required to build their own retirement account. If you haven’t started contributing to a retirement account, we’ve found some articles that may help you get started. If you have already begun building your retirement, some of these articles will help you decide if you’re saving enough to cover your retirement years.

1. Retirement Advice for Freelancers

This article gives good definitions of Roth IRAs and SEP IRAs. The author also gives advice on which you should consider depending on your financial situation.

2. The Ultimate Guide to Retirement

This author not only gives the differences between retirement accounts but also provides a long list of frequently asked questions to use as a reference when making retirement decisions.

3. Ten Most Tax Friendly States for Retirees

If you’re considering relocating when you retire, this article can help you find out how your new location stacks up when it comes to taxes for retirees.

4. Retirement Savings Calculator

Want to know the future value of your retirement savings? This free online calculator will help you better prepare for your retirement. Calculations factor in how much you’ll be contributing to your retirement account, rate of return of your investments, as well as how long you’ll live.

5. Self-Employed Less Likely to Save Enough for Retirement

If you’re saving for retirement but aren’t sure you’re saving enough, this article is a good one to read. Large numbers of self-employed people are saving far less than they will need in retirement. This article shows you ways you can avoid being in this situation.

There is no better time than now to start saving for your retirement. If you’re just beginning your career as a freelance court reporter, you can give yourself a good start to building a retirement income by beginning now. If you’re closer to retirement and haven’t saved enough yet, it’s never too late. As you investigate the retirement account choices, you’ll find a plan that’s right for you to build a retirement income to serve you well in your retirement years.

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