5 Reasons This Should be the Year You Gain the Strategic Advantage of Utilizing a Realtime Court Reporter for Your Depositions

If you spent even one minute in 2016 thinking about, watching and wondering if you should move into using a realtime court reporter for your depositions, then now is the time to make that change.

Court reporters are always striving for shorter writing techniques, more credentials, more speed, and more confidence in our writing.  Reporters don’t get additional credentials just so they can have additional letters behind their names.  They train and test so they can provide the best quality products to our clients.  Cleaner rough drafts, cleaner realtime output and faster turnaround on their final transcripts are all a result of their desire to be better for you, our clients.  If someone says they are not interested in staying up with the skills of their trade, aren’t interested in becoming realtime trained or realtime certified, then they don’t truly care about YOU.  They want the easy job, the easy way out and think you’ll be satisfied with their mediocre skills.  Those who continually strive to be better, faster, cleaner writers will serve you for many years to come and consistently provide top-quality transcripts and all the advantages realtime has to offer.

Here are 5 reasons you should move into the realtime arena now:

  1.  Realtime gives you an instantaneous display of what is said by a witness.
  2. Realtime allows you to scroll up or down to review an answer previously given or a question asked.
  3. Realtime allows you to concentrate on the deposition rather than trying to take meticulous notes on what is being said.
  4. Realtime allows you to mark a specific answer by a witness and then return to that exact wording for impeachment purposes without the necessity of having the court reporter find and read back the answer from an hour ago.
  5. Realtime streaming allows you to collaborate with team members, co-counsel, or experts who can’t attend the deposition in person, but who can watch the live streaming and send confidential notes back to you while you’re still in the deposition and have an opportunity to examine the witness on those issues.

Our current team of reporters takes great pride in their work, in the product they put out and feel that that quality is a way of thanking you for being our client.  We don’t take the relationship with our clients lightly nor take advantage of it by being content with just being mediocre.  Realtime is a real thing these days.  Every day another attorney or another firm is calling asking to have us note in our records that “they always want a realtime reporter” for their depositions. Trials and arbitrations are now realtime about 60% of the time because judges and arbitrators are realizing the advantages offered by having realtime services available to them.

For more information on all that realtime can add to your deposition-taking strategy, please call Stevens-Koenig Reporting.  We’ll review with you why you shouldn’t let your client’s case be the one without all the advantages realtime reporting can offer.  Your clients have hired the best legal team for their case.  Shouldn’t you hire the best reporting team for your depositions?