Focus on Our Staff-Claudia Booton


When I set the monthly goal for myself of writing an article on each of our reporters, it seemed like such an easy task. However, the months this year are just flying by (faster than any in past years it seems), and when I sit down to write, I find it hard to relay exactly [...]

Gratitude and Blessings in 2016

Gratitude and Blessings in 2016 I know that blog articles and LinkedIn are not typically places to profess your faith in a higher power. However, 2016 has been a year where one would have trouble believing all the amazingly wonderful things that have happened to our firm without believing in a God who walks us [...]

The Strength of Connections

The Strength of Connections Most of our clients know that we can connect them with court reporting firms across the country to cover their depositions when travel is required or, in an effort to avoid travel, when video conferencing needs to be set up. What you may not know is that we don’t just do [...]

2016 Excitement: Building On The Past, Moving To The Future

2016 is just around the corner now and many of us are left wondering what happened to 2015. Each year seems to go by faster leaving us realizing that we’re a year older, but looking back on so many special moments that the year included.  I personally married off a daughter and now have the [...]

Judy’s Journal: Thankful Thoughts

Wow!  I can’t believe the holidays are upon us!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I have so much to be thankful for.  It also gives me an opportunity to say “thank you” to those who make this business possible.  I’m always thankful for my family and for the love we share.  I [...]

Turn-Key Court Reporting – Everything You Need in 2015

court reporting

Happy New Year! It’s time to sweep away the tinsel and holly. The new year beckons us to develop an action plan to work off the newly acquired muffin top, evaluate finances, and hunker down, roll up our sleeves and make preparations for a productive 2015. While Stevens-Koenig can’t provide the universal secret to weight [...]

SKR Court Reporting Captures Record AND Blessings in 2014

court reporting

The eve of a new year is on our doorsteps. As I ponder what the future holds for Stevens-Koenig Reporting, I can’t help but look back over the past year and celebrate so many wonderful blessings. In terms of a quick seasonal checklist, our accomplishments look something like: 1st Quarter: Last year at this time, [...]