core values for court reporters

Some Core Values are pretty general and generic.  Friendliness, courtesy, respect, quality… you’ve seen them. Court reporting firms, however, need to be a bit more specific so you can make a wise decision when you’re putting your clients’ cases in their hands.  Stevens-Koenig is very specific in their core values, and that specificity trickles down [...]

How Deposition Errata Sheets Affect Court Reporters

How Deposition Errata Sheets Affect Court Reporters

Everyone working in the litigation field knows the purpose and uses of an errata sheet to a deposition and the reasons that a deponent is offered the opportunity to “read and sign.”   Rule 30(e) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure states that all deponents are allowed 30 days in which to review their transcript [...]

Flaws in Digital Recording

flaws in digital recording in courtrooms

In many states across the country, the state governments are spending millions of dollars to install digital recording technology in courtrooms. This switch to digital technology is an attempt to save money “in the long run,” but doesn’t come without problems. If digital recordings are made of a trial and someone needs that file transcribed, [...]

“Schooling” Our Clients

teaching clients about ethical court reporting

It’s always a good day when you can teach your clients a thing or two! Here’s the scenario:  Mr. Attorney walks in the door for a video-conferenced deposition.  Deposition goes beautifully and runs into the night because we’re connecting with India and had to start at a time that was convenient for the deponent.  At [...]

What is Stenography? 

what is stenography

Shorthand allows court reporters—also called stenographers—to accurately and quickly record the conversations in depositions, trials, and meetings. Shorthand is an abbreviated writing technique, and it helps reporters write or type notes in a very fast and efficient manner. Think about how quickly people can speak during trials, depositions, and meetings! That is why mastering shorthand [...]

3 Great Benefits of being a Court Reporter

benefits of being a court reporter

The court reporter’s profession is often misunderstood. Some people may view the job as rote and routine.  However, this is not true! While working on different types of assignments and legal proceedings, court reporters are often presented with new and different adventures every day. Such a career is often filled with fascinating cases, people, and [...]

Freelance Versus Official Court Reporter

Freelance Versus Official Court Reporter

When people picture a court reporter, they often think of the individuals who sit in courtrooms and type on those stenotype machines. However, did you know that a majority of court reporters work outside of the courthouse? In fact, according to the NCRA, over 70 percent of America’s 35,000-plus court reporters work outside of the [...]

A Brief History of Court Reporting & Shorthand – Infographic

brief history court report and shorthand - Jan copy

Court reporting has a rich and long history. In fact, modern court reporters can trace their history back to ancient scribes. These scribes performed a similar role to court reporters and were used to capture and record the speeches of public figures, leaders, and philosophers. See the infographic below for a brief timeline of major [...]

Court Reporters: Not Limited to the Courtroom

Denver court reporters

When most people think about court reporters, they often picture a professional individual quietly typing on a stenotype machine in a courtroom. However, due to the court reporter’s ability to accurately and quickly transcribe the spoken word into written information, this profession has had many new career paths open up that are not limited to [...]