What is a Stenographer?


I recently attended a holiday party and was asked, “What is a stenographer?”  It was an interesting discussion because the attorney asking me thought a court reporter was the person who is an employee in the courthouse, whereas a “stenographer” worked in deposition settings.  Considering we do exactly the same thing – use a steno [...]

Services Offered by a Court Reporter


Court reporters are an integral part of the legal process. Their main role is to provide a verbatim transcript of depositions, hearings and other meetings where a precise record is required.  Using shorthand notes and a stenotype machine, court reporters (often called stenographers) capture the spoken conversations as well as other actions that occur during [...]

Gratitude and Blessings in 2016


I know that blog articles and LinkedIn are not typically places to profess your faith in a higher power.  However, 2016 has been a year where one would have trouble believing all the amazingly wonderful things that have happened to our firm without believing in a God who walks us into situations which advance us [...]

Build a Family as You Build a Firm – By Judy Stevens

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I was honored and humbled by the JCR Award I received earlier this year for leadership and team-building. I have to say, though, that I truly enjoy working with this amazing group of men and women, which makes leadership and team-building an easy task. They’re all bright individuals who are professionals and love what they [...]

Realtime Court Reporting & Why You Want It

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    As a witness is answering questions, do you really enjoy wildly writing yourself notes in an attempt to remember them for use during your cross-examination? There’s no reason to leave that critical question to either your scratchy notes or your memory. Realtime court reporting can make this habit a distant memory for you. [...]