A Lesson in Gratitude on the High Seas


A Lesson in Gratitude on the High Seas For our anniversary this year, my husband surprised me with a 15-day cruise to the Southern Caribbean. I knew it would be elegant and relaxing, but what I didn’t realize is that it would also be educational. Sure, they have classes on the ship throughout the day, [...]

Press Release: Stevens-Koenig Acquires Carpenter Reporting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stevens-Koenig Reporting, Denver-based court reporting firm, announces their acquisition of Carpenter Reporting, one of Denver’s premier court reporting firms. “We’re so pleased about both the acquisition of Carpenter Reporting and having Bonnie Carpenter join our team of court reporters,” share Stevens-Koenig President and CEO, Judy Stevens. “Bonnie brings over 33 years of [...]

Focus on Our Staff-Claudia Booton


When I set the monthly goal for myself of writing an article on each of our reporters, it seemed like such an easy task. However, the months this year are just flying by (faster than any in past years it seems), and when I sit down to write, I find it hard to relay exactly [...]

Organizational Steps to Prepare for Your First Trial 

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One of the most critical aspects of preparing for your first trial is getting organized. In order to be able to present your case to the judge or jury in a competent and clear manner, organization is key. A trial lawyer must appear fully knowledgeable and comfortable with discussing the facts of the case and [...]

How to Prepare Your Client for a Video Deposition 

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Attorneys are painfully aware that the wrong answer in a video deposition, or even a poor demeanor and wardrobe, can literally destroy a case. That is why it is so important for the lawyer to fully prepare the client for what is about to come, which they normally are quite anxious about. Don’t Wait Until [...]

How Videotaping a Deposition Can Assist in Trial Preparation 

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The use of video deposition testimony at trial has been developing dramatically since its introduction decades ago. Over the years, video deposition technology has changed considerably and has now even developed into a very useful and efficient process of synchronized video-deposition testimony. Want to show that excerpt? Place your cursor on the question in the [...]

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Interpreted Deposition Is Accurate and Useful

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Because it’s so important in depositions that all parties understand the questions asked and the answers given, there are going to be times when an interpreter is necessary when deposing someone who doesn’t speak English.  There are interpreters who are very well trained in the appropriate ways to do simultaneous interpretation, but there are also [...]

Focus on Our Staff: Jessica Benson


In our newest tradition of introducing you to our team of talented reporters, I’d like to tell you about Jessica Benson.  Jessica was born and raised near Houston, Texas and proudly announces that she’s just entered the fourth decade of her life.  She was first introduced to court reporting in the 7th grade through one of her sister’s friends who was [...]

Becoming a Court Stenographer

Becoming a Court Stenographer

Court stenographers, also called court reporters, play an integral part in our nation’s court systems as well as in other events where speech must be recorded word-for-word into written text. Court stenographers use a variety of keystrokes on a stenotype machine in order to record the speech that occurs during trials, depositions, meetings, and other [...]