3 Great Benefits of being a Court Reporter

benefits of being a court reporter

The court reporter’s profession is often misunderstood. Some people may view the job as rote and routine.  However, this is not true! While working on different types of assignments and legal proceedings, court reporters are often presented with new and different adventures every day. Such a career is often filled with fascinating cases, people, and [...]

Freelance Versus Official Court Reporter

Freelance Versus Official Court Reporter

When people picture a court reporter, they often think of the individuals who sit in courtrooms and type on those stenotype machines. However, did you know that a majority of court reporters work outside of the courthouse? In fact, according to the NCRA, over 70 percent of America’s 35,000-plus court reporters work outside of the [...]

A Brief History of Court Reporting & Shorthand – Infographic

brief history court report and shorthand - Jan copy

Court reporting has a rich and long history. In fact, modern court reporters can trace their history back to ancient scribes. These scribes performed a similar role to court reporters and were used to capture and record the speeches of public figures, leaders, and philosophers. See the infographic below for a brief timeline of major [...]

Court Reporters: Not Limited to the Courtroom

Denver court reporters

When most people think about court reporters, they often picture a professional individual quietly typing on a stenotype machine in a courtroom. However, due to the court reporter’s ability to accurately and quickly transcribe the spoken word into written information, this profession has had many new career paths open up that are not limited to [...]

Court Reporters & the Integrity of the Judicial System

Denver court reporters

Whether it’s a deposition, hearing, or trial, court reporters are relied on to produce accurate and unbiased official records. This impartiality and attention to detail is key to upholding the integrity of the legal system. Someone’s life and or livelihood may be at stake if the record is not impartial or not accurate. In order [...]


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As litigation attorneys know, many of the courts in Colorado are no longer providing court reporters for civil trials, hearings and conferences.  Some courtrooms have audio recording equipment that is considered the “official record.”   Though the modern equipment is usually very good and, therefore, the quality of the recording is also good, there are many [...]

Hiring a Court Reporter? Look for these Characteristics

Denver court reporter

When looking to hire a court reporter in Denver, you want to find someone who is professional, reputable, and qualified. Not all court reporters have the same set of qualifications, skills, and experience. Not hiring the properly qualified and skilled court reporter could jeopardize your deposition or case. Here are 3 important factors to consider [...]

Excellence in Court Reporting and Video Conferencing – Worldwide Branding

On January 11, 2017, Judy Stevens, CEO and President of Stevens-Koenig Reporting in Denver, CO, was recognized by Worldwide Branding for her dedication, leadership, and excellence in court reporting and videoconferencing. Worldwide Branding has added Ms. Stevens to their distinguished Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. While membership in Worldwide Branding is a wonderful honor, [...]

Video Conferencing – A Time-Saving Deposition Option!

videoconference room

It’s predicted to be 10 degrees in Denver on the day you’re supposed to fly to Milwaukee for a four-hour deposition.  You’re going there because you want to see the deponent, analyze their demeanor, their body language, their fidgeting or lack thereof.  However, the high in Milwaukee is -14 and you’ll need to fly in [...]

The Power of Synchronized Video Depositions

Synchronized Video Depositions

Videotaping a deposition can be very valuable. Unlike a written transcript, a video will capture much more than what was said. Video depositions capture a witness’s body language such as facial expressions and posture. They even record a witness’s tone of voice. Such details are often lost with a written transcript, and these details can be [...]