Advantages of Cloud Computing Hosted Services for Law Firms

cloud computing for law firms

Everyone is talking about the “cloud” these days. Most of the larger court reporting agencies have either already made the switch or are in the processing making the switch to the cloud for many of our in-house processes. Repository access for obtaining your copy transcripts and exhibits are completely cloud-based now so you have 24/7 [...]

7 iPad Apps for Attorneys

ipad apps for attorneys

iPads are quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the legal arena.  More and more attorneys are using their iPads during trials and depositions every day.  After you make sure your iPad data is secure and start using it, you’ll probably start looking into what apps you would like to use.  There are thousands of apps that can be added [...]

4 Easy Ways Attorneys Can Secure iPad Data

Ways Attorneys Can Secure iPad Data

In the internet age, securing data has become a high priority for law firms. When it comes to computers and equipment, most law firms have policies for locking and securing computers and laptops when not in use.  But how about your iPad?  Considering the speed with which we’re adding new technologies these days, many tablets [...]

3 Additional Ways Attorneys Can Use Videoconferencing to Save Time and Money

Ways Attorneys Can Use Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is now convenient and affordable due to the advancement of technology.  There are several ways, outside of the traditional out-of-state deposition setting, to use videoconferencing to your advantage.  We’ve taken a look at some of these uses and want to share them with you. What is videoconferencing and how is it used? Videoconferencing is [...]

Colorado Legal Technology: Streaming Realtime Video and Transcription

legal technology streaming video

Streaming Realtime Video and Transcription:  Definition:  The term for transcription by court reporters to deliver computer text, audio and video of speech within seconds of the words being spoken. Realtime used to be transmitted by text only. Technology advancements now allow realtime transcription to be transmitted with audio and video of the proceedings, as well [...]

Is Your Court Reporter Providing a VERBATIM Transcript?

court reporter providing verbatim transcript

I recently received a phone call from an attorney with whom we had worked only a few times.  He apologized at the very beginning of the call because he had a strange request.  His request was for us to re-transcribe a deposition from the audio recording he had received from the reporting firm that had [...]

How to Find a Conference Room in Colorado

deposition conference room in Denver

If you’re scheduling a deposition in Colorado and need to find a conference room, there are many ways your court reporter can assist in recommending some options for you.  If you’re from outside the State of Colorado, there could be occasions when you need to depose someone who lives in Colorado and that person has [...]

How to Find a Denver, Colorado Court Reporter For Your Deposition


If you’re scheduling a deposition in Denver, Colorado, you’ll want to hire a highly qualified court reporter in the area.  Here are a few simple things to take into consideration before you call to schedule a deposition. What type of court reporter will you need?  Consider whether you’ll need video, realtime translation or an expedited [...]

Denver Court Reporting Firm Launches New Website

new Stevens-Koenig website

Stevens-Koenig Reporting is pleased to announce the launch of our new website.  As part of our mission to better serve our customers, the new website will capture the corporate values of the company as we continue to provide excellent services and look for new ways to add value for our clients. It’s our intention to [...]