2016 Excitement: Building On The Past, Moving To The Future

2016 is just around the corner now and many of us are left wondering what happened to 2015. Each year seems to go by faster leaving us realizing that we’re a year older, but looking back on so many special moments that the year included.  I personally married off a daughter and now have the [...]

Denver Court Reporter Beckie Collings, RPR, CRCR

Beckie Collings denver court reporter

We have built relationships over the years with the attorneys and the support staff they work with. Here at Stevens-Koenig Reporting, we thought it was high time for us to highlight and introduce you to the mysterious Denver Court Reporters you see working so diligently in the corner of the room. This month we are [...]

Turn-Key Court Reporting – Everything You Need in 2015

court reporting

Happy New Year! It’s time to sweep away the tinsel and holly. The new year beckons us to develop an action plan to work off the newly acquired muffin top, evaluate finances, and hunker down, roll up our sleeves and make preparations for a productive 2015. While Stevens-Koenig can’t provide the universal secret to weight [...]

SKR Court Reporting Captures Record AND Blessings in 2014

court reporting

The eve of a new year is on our doorsteps. As I ponder what the future holds for Stevens-Koenig Reporting, I can’t help but look back over the past year and celebrate so many wonderful blessings. In terms of a quick seasonal checklist, our accomplishments look something like: 1st Quarter: Last year at this time, [...]

Lead Like a Girl

court reporters Denver colorado

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! There are pumpkin spice lattes and warm apple cider at every corner. November is a great time to reflect on all our amazing blessings. Listing everything I’m thankful for would take up more than a year’s worth of posts, so I’ll zero in on my gratitude for being a woman business [...]

Choose Your Words Wisely

court reporting denver

As court reporters, we spend the majority of our time diligently capturing the words of witnesses and counsel during depositions. Over the years, we’ve identified a list of commonly misused words that seem to have worked their way into many people’s vocabulary. Since witnesses represent a large cross-section of the population coming from a wide [...]

Don’t Let Bad Questions Tarnish Your Record

bad litigation questions

As certified reporters, we spend a vast amount of time capturing the record in a wide range of cases. One detail that always makes us raise an eyebrow is the frequency with which witnesses are asked poorly worded questions, then proceed to answer without asking for clarification. It can be a dangerous trap. Poorly asked [...]

Neutral Meeting Space Improves Litigation Efficiency

deposition meeting space

When it’s time to schedule an upcoming deposition, avoid the temptation to host at your law firm. You’re in the business of representing your client, your paralegal is busy preparing other details of the deposition and neither of you are in the business of event planning and hosting. Here are some key reasons to seek [...]

5 Tips To Ensure Timely Delivery of Your Deposition

court reporting denver

Time is ticking, and your client is counting on you for the best representation possible. One way to streamline your case flow is to make sure that the deposition transcripts arrive in a timely manner. While you rely on your court reporting firm for the actual delivery, there are some steps you can take to [...]