2016 Excitement: Building On The Past, Moving To The Future

2016 is just around the corner now and many of us are left wondering what happened to 2015. Each year seems to go by faster leaving us realizing that we’re a year older, but looking back on so many special moments that the year included.  I personally married off a daughter and now have the [...]

Denver Court Reporter Beckie Collings, RPR, CRCR

Beckie Collings denver court reporter

We have built relationships over the years with the attorneys and the support staff they work with. Here at Stevens-Koenig Reporting, we thought it was high time for us to highlight and introduce you to the mysterious Denver Court Reporters you see working so diligently in the corner of the room. This month we are [...]

Turn-Key Court Reporting – Everything You Need in 2015

court reporting

Happy New Year! It’s time to sweep away the tinsel and holly. The new year beckons us to develop an action plan to work off the newly acquired muffin top, evaluate finances, and hunker down, roll up our sleeves and make preparations for a productive 2015. While Stevens-Koenig can’t provide the universal secret to weight [...]

7 Video Deposition Best Practices

video deposition denver

Can You See It? YES, YOU CAN! Videography is a valuable tool in the deposition toolbox. Video testimony can strengthen a case and is sometimes necessary during an actual trial should a key witness not be able to appear in person. Non-Verbals Impact Interpretation The jury will get a better idea about the demeanor of [...]

Steps to Choosing Case Management Software for Your Law Firm

Steps to Choosing Case Management Software - Legal Technology

Many small and mid-sized law firms are contemplating the switch to using case management software. These technologies can be a great benefit in managing cases, clients and firm matters. If you have made the decision to move to case management software, now comes the task of choosing which software is right for your firm. This [...]

9 Legal Technology Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

9 Legal Technology Blogs

Technology touches every industry. And law is no exception. But as a busy attorney, how are you supposed to keep up on all of the new gadgets and software available? Thankfully, there are other attorneys and legal professionals writing about the latest trends, issues and concerns involving legal technology. By following a few choice blogs, [...]

6 Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

Legal Technology - Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

Case management software (CMS) can help a law firm manage cases, clients and firm matters. While CMS has been around for some time, many law firms still are not yet using this tool.  The trend continues that more and more law firms are finally implementing this useful organization management software to better run their cases [...]

6 Resources for Using Video Testimony for Trial Purposes

Video Testimony for Trial

Video depositions can be a great tool for the litigating attorney.  More and more attorneys understand the advantages they can provide such as showing the demeanor of a witness or capturing an expert’s testimony who is not able to attend the trial in person.  If you’re going to use video in a deposition, there are [...]

Advantages of Cloud Computing Hosted Services for Law Firms

cloud computing for law firms

Everyone is talking about the “cloud” these days. Most of the larger court reporting agencies have either already made the switch or are in the processing making the switch to the cloud for many of our in-house processes. Repository access for obtaining your copy transcripts and exhibits are completely cloud-based now so you have 24/7 [...]