Community Outreach Provides Benefits To Your Legal Team

Community-Outreach-for-Legal-TeamsHave you heard the cliche´ “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”? Simply stated, when each link in the chain is strong, the chain itself is stronger.

How Community Service Benefits Your Team

Community outreach provides a host of benefits for each individual on your team, as well as perks for the team overall. Research shows that individuals engaged in community service are better at problem solving, have lower mortality rates, live healthier lives, and have a deeper connection to the bigger world. Each of these volunteer perks can benefit your team during their 9-5 routine.

As a firm owner, I’ve seen the benefits first-hand. Stevens-Koenig Reporting recently partnered with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center (RMCLC) which provides legal advocacy and compassionate support to abused, neglected and at-risk children.

The RMCLC has a Birthday Buddies program which I find especially rewarding. The recipients are local children being cared for while parental issues are sorted out, and foster care/adoption proceedings are finalized. To these kids, basic essentials like matching socks or well-fitted clothing is a treat.

How It Works

Our entire team of professional court reporters and office staff has made the commitment to provide a gift to the RMCLC during our birthday months.  The RMCLC sends us the name of a child having a birthday that month, along with their age and a wish list.  Very often the “wish” is for a gift card for a new pair of jeans or shoes.  These kids are used to hand-me-downs. For them, having something completely new is a special treat. Sometimes it’s a toddler’s educational toy or a Barbie or Ken doll for an elementary-aged child. As a team, we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to provide extra love to one child at a time. We’ve found sharing in this way has brought deeper meaning to our birthdays. It’s also given our team a sense of pride in the work we do every day. As an added perk, we are contributing to a cause in our local legal community.

Serving Is Easy

Whether you’re interested in serving at a food bank, volunteering at a shelter or helping with the elderly, there are many opportunities to contribute as a team. For more information regarding how to get started, you may like 10 Tips on Becoming a Volunteer.

Want To Participate in Birthday Buddies?

Stevens-Koenig Reporting is invested in bringing a smile to the faces of children in need. If you’re interested in joining our effort with the Birthday Buddies Program, full details can be found on the RMCLC website.

I look forward to hearing about how outreach is making a difference with your legal team. Keep me posted!


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