core values for court reporters

Some Core Values are pretty general and generic.  Friendliness, courtesy, respect, quality… you’ve seen them. Court reporting firms, however, need to be a bit more specific so you can make a wise decision when you’re putting your clients’ cases in their hands.  Stevens-Koenig is very specific in their core values, and that specificity trickles down to every stage of our deposition/arbitration or trial process.

  • Integrity:  Fairness in all situations.  No favoritism, no partiality, no giving a “free” service to one client and not to another.
  • Accuracy:  The court reporter is the official record and there is no room for an error, a mistake, an “inaudible” notation when a reporter is there making a verbatim record. 
  • Timeliness:  You need your file when you need your file, not when it’s convenient for the reporter to get the file to you. 
  • Openness:  We hear you and we listen.  If you want all of your exhibits uploaded and maintained on an iPad rather than hard copy, we’ll bring them on an iPad.  What works for you, works for us.
  • Customer Service:  A real person with real answers picking up the phone when you call.  You need a reporter NOW but forgot to schedule one; we’ll get someone over for you.  Confirmation emails for every job set, exhibit notebooks provided and updated for every case, certified reporters assigned to all your settings. Real people handling your real litigation needs.

Core Values define what’s important to a company. And what’s important to us is that we serve you in all situations in a fair and ethical manner by providing the services you need while maintaining the integrity that you could on.