Court Reporters: How to Choose an Insurance Agent

how court reporters choose an insurance agentMany court reporters work as freelancers or subcontractors, and are responsible for their own benefits.  This means, as a freelance reporter, you need to figure out what types of insurance are available and which types you require.  These are important decisions, and you should seek expert advice before deciding on which insurances to purchase.  A good insurance agent will provide you with information you will need to make these types of decisions.

Types of Insurance Agents

Agents with Large Insurance Company: Some insurance agents work directly for one insurance company.  They sell insurance exclusively from their company.

Independent Insurance Agents: These agents typically own their own small business. They sell insurance from a wide variety of insurance companies.

Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent

For a self-employed court reporter, there are a number of benefits to working with an independent insurance agent.

  1. Because these agents work with several insurance companies, they’re able to more easily shop and compare coverage and prices. They will be able to find the best insurance, with a company with a good reputation, for the lowest price.
  2. You can buy many types of insurance through one independent agent.  There is no need to deal with one agent for auto insurance, and another agent for professional liability insurance.  An independent agent can help you with all of your insurance needs.
  3. An independent agent can help you understand the intricacies of insurance policies. They will know which clauses of your contract require close attention.  An independent agent will be able to answer your questions about contracts, claims processes, renewals, et cetera.
  4. If an agent advises you incorrectly, and you suffer financial damage, your attorney can hold the agent responsible.  If you purchase an insurance policy on your own, you bear the full responsibility of choosing that policy.

As a freelance court reporter, you are a small business.  You will need to purchase various types of insurance.  Getting the help of a good independent agent will allow you to make good choices on insurance and be assured you are better protected against unforeseen circumstances. When choosing an independent insurance agent, there are some details you will want to consider:

  • Location – You may wish to work with an insurance agent whose office is close to your home or business office. Having an agent in your community will give you the convenience of being able to stop in to ask questions, and better establish a trust relationship with the agent.
  • Credentials – There are certifications that agents may hold. Ask the agent if they hold certifications and whether they are required to obtain continuing education to maintain their certification.
  • Referrals – Ask for referrals so that you can find out about the past performance of your agent.  Are they strong in trustworthiness and customer service?

NCRA Insurance Partners

The National Court Reporters Association offers sponsored benefits programs, such as major medical insurance, professional liability insurance, disability insurance, just to name a few.  You may wish to also take a look at these plans as well to see how they compare to other policies you may be purchasing.  To find out more, go to

As a small business, you’re responsible for finding and purchasing good insurance policies that cover your personal and professional needs.  Your insurance agent can be one of your trusted business advisors, and will help you navigate the world of insurance.

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