Denver Court Reporter Beckie Collings, RPR, CRCR

We have built relationships over the years with the attorneys and the support staff they work with. Here at Stevens-Koenig Reporting, we thought it was high time for us to highlight and introduce you to the mysterious Denver Court Reporters you see working so diligently in the corner of the room. This month we are introducing you to Beckie Collings, RPR, CRCR, who has been a freelance Denver Court Reporter for over 12 years.

Why Court Reporting?

After completing her undBeckie Collings denver court reporterergraduate degree in Speech Pathology in New England, at Emerson College in Boston, Beckie moved to Denver, Colorado, with the idea of earning her master’s degree here, in state.  However, her heart was not fully committed to a career in Speech Pathology. While searching the newspaper for information on schools, she came across an ad for the Denver Academy of Court Reporting.

In New England, she remembered a friend’s mother who was a Court Reporter, who loved her career and spoke very highly of it. Beckie decided that she would give a career as a Denver Court Reporter a try and registered at the Denver Academy of Court Reporting.

“I just knew right away, I love this. It’s my own work product.   If I do a good job, it’s a reflection of my work…it’s all me.”

Strangest Experience as a Denver Court Reporter

In the legal world, there are always some very interesting cases that the public never hears about, but Denver Court Reporters have front row seating. We asked Beckie what her strangest experience was as a Denver Court Reporter and we were definitely entertained.

“I had a deposition for a worker’s compensation case. The deposition was held at an old warehouse of the trucking company, and it was very run down…kind of scary. Anyway, the deponent had a pet bird, a dove, in his office that was not caged, and able to roam free.

There had been a snow storm the night before so I left my house early, and the attorney hadn’t planned for the snow and was an hour late so I had a full hour with the deponent and his bird.

I set up my machine and the dove walked across the keyboard and caused the blue screen of death to appear. I was able to fix my computer but then slightly closed the laptop to prevent the dove from walking across the keys again.

Instead, the dove walked on the top of the laptop and actually did its business on top of my computer. Very disgusting and very memorable!”

Um, yes. I think any Denver Court Reporter would remember the time they hung out with a bird that took care of business on their computer.

New Adventures in Denver Court Reporting    

Beckie recently passed the Realtime Reporter certification test and is eager to start this new form of Denver Court Reporting.  With Realtime reporting, there is a different technology and newer software involved that can be challenging when initially setting up. Thankfully, Stevens-Koenig Reporting has its very own in-house Certified Realtime Software Administrator who is able to troubleshoot and help with any difficulties the Denver Court Reporter experiences. This is especially convenient when working against tight deadlines for our clients.

Other Interests

Surprisingly, Denver Court Reporters have a life outside of depositions and arbitrations! Beckie is married with two children and is very actively involved in their lives and in the community. Both of her children are involved in a sport, a musical instrument and Scouts.  In fact, Beckie serves as her daughter’s Daisy troop leader.  During the upcoming fall break, Beckie and her family are looking forward to a vacation in New England to visit family.

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