Gratitude and Blessings in 2016

Gratitude and Blessings in 2016

I know that blog articles and LinkedIn are not typically places to profess your faith in a higher power. However, 2016 has been a year where one would have trouble believing all the amazingly wonderful things that have happened to our firm without believing in a God who walks us into situations which advance us in our belief in all things good and right.

After a short stint as an employee of our firm, a very openly self-proclaiming atheist handed in her resignation. I thought of that as a door that had closed and wondered if I should have done more to keep her in our firm. Within one week, a window was opened to bring in an icon in the court reporting world as well as her team of accomplished reporters. A door closed; a window opened. What I momentarily thought of as a loss turned into the greatest of all blessings. Our firm grows once again by the addition of Patterson Reporting and Video. Carol Patterson has over 50 years of ethical and reliable reporting experience and a client list that speaks volumes as to her professionalism and dedication to excellence. We welcome her, her team of reporters and her staff into our family.

Our reporters continue to be a blessing to me and are all to be admired for their determination to build their skills and gain credentials in this field called court reporting. They don’t shy away from difficult assignments nor turn down a job because one party wants to receive realtime. They, instead, step up to the plate, report that foreign pharmacologist or that engineering mineralogist or that week-long med-mal trial. I am so proud of them and admire their level of dedication to serving you, our clients. I often remind them know that SKR would not be where it is today or what it is today without them. They are the company; they are the ones who are representing us every day. I routinely them that they are the reason we’ve grown over these years and have attained the reputation for excellence in Colorado that we have.   Our staff members are truly beyond compare. They come in each day with a goal of providing the most excellent customer service that you can find. It’s, indeed, their pleasure to solve problems for you, expedite your files or find locations in other cities where you need to go to depose your witnesses. Files are proofread and re-proofread to guarantee you the most perfect final transcript possible. Customer satisfaction reigns here and their attitude and enthusiasm proves that every day.

I am also very grateful for the DepoSpan members with whom we are affiliated. When you travel out of state to depose a witness, it’s this group of professionals that we call. It’s a group of stringently vetted firm owners who all believe in and live by whatever it takes to provide excellence to their clients. When you work with them, I have the confidence that you’re being treated just as we’d treat you…like family, and I know you’ll be assigned to a reporter who can handle any of your technical requirements for litigation support, including realtime, rough drafts or expedited delivery. They take the same great pride in their work that we do here in Colorado. It’s a beautiful relationship!

Now to our clients. You are the “secret sauce” for our success. We treat you with respect and you thank us with your loyalty. Many of you have been clients for decades and some are just beginning to experience the value of ethically minded, technologically advanced, credentialed reporters. We thank those of you who have been with us over the years and welcome those who are new. We especially welcome the Patterson Reporting clients who we look forward to serving along with the Patterson team that has joined us. We promise to continue the quality services you’ve become accustomed to receiving.

I wish you the gratitude of a thankful heart and the blessings that come from whatever higher power you put your faith in. Mine has been exceptionally giving this past year and I will not hesitate to give thanks and praise where it is due!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!