How to Find a Denver, Colorado Court Reporter For Your Deposition

denver-court-reportersIf you’re scheduling a deposition in Denver, Colorado, you’ll want to hire a highly qualified court reporter in the area.  Here are a few simple things to take into consideration before you call to schedule a deposition.

  1. What type of court reporter will you need?  Consider whether you’ll need video, realtime translation or an expedited transcript.  These are a few of the specialized services not offered by all court reporters. If any of these services are required, you’ll want to mention that when you call so the firm schedules the appropriate personnel.
  2. What is the date and time of the deposition?  Along with the date and time that it’s scheduled to start, it’s also good to have an idea of what length of time you anticipate the deposition to last.
  3. You could ask for a recommendation from local attorneys.  By taking recommendations from other attorneys, you’re able to rely on their experiences with a particular firm.  An attorney is unlikely to pass along a name of a court reporter that did not provide quality service.
  4. What certifications does the court reporter hold? There are different levels of certification for court reporters. There are some state and also some national certification levels.  A few of those levels include:
    • RPR – Registered Professional Reporter – Reporter has knowledge, skills and ability to produce a high-quality verbatim record.
    • RMR – Registered Merit Reporter – Reporter holds advanced level of court reporting skills and has tested at advanced speeds.
    • CRR – Certified Realtime Reporter – Reporter works at a high level of speed and accuracy to produce clean, useable realtime transcription.

With a little bit of planning, you’ll be better prepared when you place your call to a reporting firm.  The reporters at Stevens-Koenig are nationally certified and many have the CRR designation to provide the advanced skill necessary to provide realtime.

If you’re looking for a court reporter in Denver, Colorado, call Stevens-Koenig Reporting with the confidence that your scheduling needs will be handled promptly and appropriately.