Judy’s Journal: Court Reporting Technology Saves the Day!

Judy CWBAI really do enjoy my job!  Helping solve problems for clients is one of the highlights of my day.  Over the years, clients have become friends.  I think what helps to create this is that our “Ethics First” rules state we, as court reporters, must remain impartial, so it gives us an opportunity to help both sides when an issue comes up.  We can’t play favorites.  We are there to help and provide superior service for everyone! Recently, we had a client who was concerned about a deposition out of state that would require her to miss her daughter’s important high school volleyball game.  She expressed to me that, while growing up, her parents never attended any of her sporting events and she vowed that she would never miss one of her daughter’s events, if at all possible.  So far, she had never missed a game, but now that record was in jeopardy. The deposition was for a witness back East that was crucial to her case but would require her to leave the day before and spend at least two nights in a hotel. The deposition was expected to last for about five hours and the airline ticket, alone, was going to cost well over $1, 000, not to mention the hotel and rental car fees.  When she told me this, I suggested a solution.  And, with her permission, I am able to share this story. I asked her to let us find a court reporter who we know in the city where the deposition was to be held and set up a video conference in one of our downtown conference rooms so she could remain in Denver and not miss her daughter’s game.  She was concerned about the cost and quality of the video, but was amazed to find out that it would cost less than half of the airline ticket alone, and the video and audio quality would be in high definition.  By having connections with reporting firms across the country, we could assure her of the superior quality of reporting that she’s used to receiving here in Denver.  There’s no reason to take a chance with a firm and reporter that you don’t know.  After the deposition, she must have thanked me five times! Technology is a great tool that makes everyone’s life easier.  At Stevens-Koenig Reporting, we’re committed to providing the latest state-of-the-art tools and services to help our clients become more effective and efficient.  Our downtown conference rooms are available at no additional charge when you book with us.  Let us know how we can help make your life a bit easier! Judy’s Journal is a periodic blog post written by Stevens-Koenig Reporting owner Judy Stevens. Please check back frequently to keep up with Judy’s posts!