Neutral Meeting Space Improves Litigation Efficiency

deposition meeting space

When it’s time to schedule an upcoming deposition, avoid the temptation to host at your law firm. You’re in the business of representing your client, your paralegal is busy preparing other details of the deposition and neither of you are in the business of event planning and hosting. Here are some key reasons to seek a neutral location for your next deposition:

Preparedness Shows
When hosting a deposition at your firm, you’re likely to be distracted by details of the accommodations when you should be focusing on the details of the deposition, witness preparation and document production. Your paralegal has better things to do than prepare a room, provide coffee, water and snacks. Also, when there’s a break in the deposition, if you’re out of your office, you’re more likely to stay focused on the deposition than if you run back to your desk and try to catch up on a few emails.

Interruptions Happen At Home
During breaks, you may need those few solid minutes to clear your head and focus on your strategy for the remaining minutes of the deposition. If you’re at your own office, co-workers, support staff and those on your litigation team may interrupt your concentration with questions on other cases or other matters. If you’re away from the office, these interruptions are far less likely to occur.

Hosting Responsibilities
During discovery depositions, it’s critical that you and your team focus all energies on the case at hand. Hosting a deposition requires “welcome” signs, refreshing beverages and even providing snacks. In addition, opposing counsel may request break-out rooms for private client meetings throughout the day. Don’t allow meeting logistics to interfere with your client representation.

TMI – Too Much Information
When you invite opposing counsel into your office, they may take it upon themselves to peruse the office space, visit with associates and take in the activities going on in your office. Ask yourself, “Do I really want six attorneys roaming around our firm during recesses and lunch?” Hosting a deposition in a neutral location will minimize these issues.

Leave the Copying To Kinkos
One of the most irritating functions of hosting a meeting is the expectation that you’ll provide copy services to the attending counsel. This may require valuable time on the part of your assistant or secretary. Isn’t there a better use of their time? Meeting at a neutral location will help divert those expectations away from you.

There are many reasons to secure a neutral location for your upcoming deposition. Don’t let meeting logistics impede your litigation efficiency. Stevens-Koenig Reporting provides turn-key solutions to your meeting logistics needs by providing spacious conference rooms holding from 10 to 30 attendees, with small break-out rooms available for your client meetings. Coffee, water and snacks are provided throughout the day with breakfast and lunch options available upon request. To learn more, visit:

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