Providing Court Reporting Services since the ’80s, Bill Woods is an asset!

WilliamWoodsA lot has changed since the ’80s but not much has changed in the way of court reporting. Aside from the technological updates, the role of the Court Reporter has remained the same and that’s exactly what Bill Woods likes about court reporting.

How did you get your start in court reporting?

It’s a family thing. Bill Woods’ mother was actually a Court Reporter in Denver around the time Mr. Woods was entering adulthood and wanting to begin a career. His mother suggested court reporting because of the flexibility and, of course, knowing her son’s innate attention to detail.

Mr. Woods entered court reporting school in 1980 and quickly was moved to the advanced class. As an advanced court reporting student, Mr. Woods and his classmates would be offered opportunities to fill in as last-minute court reporters as needed by various courthouses and court reporting firms.

One such opportunity arose where Mr. Woods volunteered to be a fill-in for an Adams County District Court. It turned out this was more than a one-day opportunity. Mr. Woods was filling in as the Court Reporter for Judge Obermeyer, whose usual Court Reporter was out for three months on maternity leave. That was only the beginning of Mr. Woods’ journey with Adams County District Courts.

Courthouse Court Reporter

After Judge Obermeyer’s regular Court Reporter returned from maternity leave, Mr. Woods was ready to head back to school full time, but then something serendipitous happened—another Adams County District Court Judge, Judge Leary, was in need of a Court Reporter. Turns out his regular Court Reporter submitted his notice, and Judge Leary asked Mr. Woods to fill the position.

Mr. Woods continued working for Judge Leary up until Leary’s retirement, at which point Mr. Woods was positive he would have to find work with a private court reporting firm in Denver. Nope! As luck would have it, Judge Obermeyer’s Court Reporter had decided to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom, leaving him needing a full time Court Reporter. Having enjoyed working with Mr. Woods in the past, Judge Obermeyer immediately offered him the position.

All in all, Mr. Woods spent a little over six years court reporting at the Adams County District Courts until he decided it was time to transfer over to freelance court reporting.

Why did you make the move to Freelance Court Reporting?

After a little over six years working as a courthouse Court Reporter, Mr. Woods was ready to realize the flexibility that initially drew him toward the court reporting field. He left the courthouse and began working with a private court reporting firm strictly taking depositions.

With a new family and his desire to coach his children’s Little League teams, Mr. Woods continued with freelance court reporting throughout his career and, in 1992, took things a step further by buying Avery Reporting Services with his wife Laura, also a court reporter.

Avery Woods Reporting Services           

Avery Woods Reporting Services became one of Denver’s top court reporting firms from 1992 all the way up until August 2015 when it was acquired by Stevens-Koenig Reporting. To both Mr. Woods and his wife, this was a welcomed change. Mrs. Woods was elected as a Senator for Colorado District 19 and managing both the Senate and the court reporting firm was a challenge for the husband and wife duo.

Mr. and Mrs. Woods felt confident in choosing Stevens-Koenig Reporting to sell their court reporting firm to because of the outstanding reputation the firm had built since their inception in 1994. It was a perfect marriage as Stevens-Koenig Reporting was ready to expand, and Avery Woods Reporting owners were ready for a new chapter in their lives.

Court Reporting Today

Today, Mr. Woods is enjoying being “just a court reporter.” Not having the added work of managing a firm in addition to court reporting, he is free to focus on his passion—court reporting.

When asked what he finds most enjoyable about court reporting Mr. Woods replied, “The interactions in depositions with attorneys and meeting new people, and of course working on interesting cases.”  The flexibility is less as important today as it was when he was raising his kids, but he still enjoys that aspect of the job.

Life Outside of Court Reporting

Mr. Woods lives in Arvada with his wife Laura, and enjoys going to the gun range and helping his wife with her senatorial duties as needed. Bill and Laura have two sons and three grandchildren, with a fourth on the way!

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