SKR Rallies Gifts For RMCLC’s Foster Kids

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National Adoption Day is coming up on November 22. In honor of this special day, I’d like to share a quick story…

Since 2012, SKR has partnered with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center Birthday Buddies program which provides a birthday present to over 2,200 metro kids annually. This year, Stevens-Koenig is stepping up the effort by contributing to the RMCLC’s annual holiday toy drive. What we experienced in the process has changed our lives.


Rachel and I went to Target this weekend to pick out some games and Barbie dolls for the RMCLC’s annual toy drive for metro-area foster kids. (With the holiday ads in full swing, our dollar is making an even bigger impact!)court reporting denver

As we were loading the cart with Barbies and games, a nice lady named Cindy asked who we were buying all the toys for. We shared the mission of the RMCLC and how excited we were to make a difference for foster kids in our community. Cindy told us that her daughter would be delivering twins any day and that she’d be spending the holiday season helping out with her family’s new arrivals. As she left the aisle, we exchanged holiday well wishes and Rachel and I continued scouring the toy department for deals.


Moving ahead 10 minutes, Cindy returned to the toy area and handed us a $50 gift card. She said she was inspired by our efforts to help Denver’s foster kids and she asked us to buy $50 worth of gifts from her. Wow.

Just 10 minutes earlier, Cindy didn’t know us. After a chance encounter, she selflessly handed us a $50 gift card. By this time, Rachel and I had almost cleaned out the Barbie aisle, so we headed over to diapers and bought two large boxes of Huggies with Cindy’s generous gift.


Dear Cindy from Target:

I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again. Thanks for your generosity, kindness and unselfish giving. The tiny ones cared for by RMCLC foster parents thank you as well.


We were blown away by this random act of kindness and wish to pay it forward by passing an invitation along to you. If you are inspired by this story and would like to participate in RMCLC’s holiday toy drive, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Check out the RMCLC’s Gift Wish List
  2. Pick up one (or more) item(s) the next time you are shopping.
    No wrapping required. For safety reasons, gifts must be in original packaging upon donation.
  3. Contact SKR by 12/5/14 to schedule a pick-up time. We’ll pick up your donations during the week of 12/9 and drop them off at the RMCLC for inclusion in their holiday toy drive. Simply contact: Judy Stevens at 303-988-8470 or 

If you are looking for a firm-wide outreach opportunity, the RMCLC is a wonderful organization in Denver’s legal community making a difference all year long.

Happy National Adoption Day!

If you’ll be participating, DON’T FORGET to contact Judy Stevens by 12/5 to schedule a pick-up time!

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