HIPAA Privacy & Security Notice

HIPAA compliant court reportersStevens-Koenig Reporting is a HIPAA Privacy & Security Compliant Company.  As of 9/23/13, court reporting firms are considered “Business Associates” under the new regulations due to our daily contact with personally identifiable information (PII) as that is defined by the federal government.  We’re committed to protecting your clients’ information at all costs and have taken steps to maintain that confidentiality and privacy.

Any transcript can contain PII such as street address, social security number, medical conditions and treatment as well as arrest records, etc.  This information is to be protected from any unauthorized access, use and disclosure by the applicable Privacy Laws.

Stevens-Koenig Reporting has a Policy & Procedures Manual in place for our reporters, office staff, scopists and proofers that specifies in detail how transcripts and exhibits are to be handled and maintained while in our possession.  All personnel have been trained in these privacy matters and are cognizant of the requirements.

Our servers and our repository have firewalls and anti-viral software installed for added security for all document exchanges that occur electronically.  Transcripts to be emailed will be encrypted and password protected without exception.

If you need additional information, please call our office at (303) 988-8470.  We’d be happy to provide support documentation and explanations for the seriousness with which we’re handling all client Personally Identifiable Information.  It’s for your peace of mind.  It’s our responsibility.

Judy Stevens