Services Offered by a Court Reporter

Court reporters are an integral part of the legal process. Their main role is to provide a verbatim transcript of depositions, hearings and other meetings where a precise record is required.  Using shorthand notes and a stenotype machine, court reporters (often called stenographers) capture the spoken conversations as well as other actions that occur during a legal event. After capturing this information in their notes, court reporters then create verbatim transcripts of the event. These transcripts must be accurate, prepared in a standardized format, and produced in a timely manner.  The court reporter then provides these transcripts to the parties involved and to the court. However, they can provide a range of other services that are not limited to the courtroom. Let’s take a closer look at services offered by court reporters.

Realtime Transcription Services

Realtime reporting allows court reporters to instantaneously translate their shorthand notes into accurate, realtime transcripts. This process is made possible by connecting the reporter’s stenotype machine to a computer with special translation software. The benefits of using this advanced service are that the text of the transcript can instantly be displayed on courtroom monitors and projection screens, even into remote locations. Additionally, court reporters who can provide realtime reporting can also provide expedited delivery of final transcripts or rough drafts of the proceedings.


When a written record of a proceeding isn’t enough to “show” a jury the demeanor or physical injury of a litigant, videography can be invaluable.  Video can be sync’d to run concurrently with the transcript so a jury or mediator can read and also watch a person as they testify.

Video Conferencing

If an important witness lives in another state or country, but their testimony is imperative to a proceeding, video conferencing will allow you to see each other without the necessity of traveling or being out of the office for an extended period of time.

Not Limited to the Courtroom

Court reporters’ services are not limited to the courtroom. They can be helpful with taking records of meetings, focus groups or other gatherings requiring a verbatim record of those proceedings.  Some court reporters even provide captioning for TV programs. These types of reporters are called stenocaptioners, and they can caption various TV programs (news, sports, and shows) for those with hearing impairments.

Need a Court Reporter?

At Stevens-Koenig, we have staff reporters who are credentialed and certified to provide the services you need, whether those be realtime, same-day rough drafts or expedited finals. Our reporters maintain their certifications and test regularly to remain competitive in the marketplace and to provide our clients with the advantages at trial and depositions that they deserve to have available. If you need the services of a court reporter, contact us to learn more.