IMG_7592Stevens-Koenig Reporting offers an extensive array of services in Denver, Colorado as well as around the country.  From legal videography to realtime court reporting to legal interpreters, you need look no further for all your support needs. Our certified deposition court reporters are trained in realtime, video and verbatim court reporting and can manage any size case in any size firm.

Depositions (Keyword Indexes Included)deposition conference room in Denver

  • Standard
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Daily Copy
  • Expedited Transcripts

Realtime Reporting

  • Hook-up only
  • Rough ASCII
  • Timestamping


Board Meetings

Focus Groups


  • Produced in Any Format  (DVD, CD, VHS, SVHS, MPEG 1, 2, 4)
  • Synchronized Text to Video
  • Day in the Life
  • Site Visits
  • Product Evaluation
  • Linear and Non-Linear Editing
  • Digital to Analog Transfers
  • Digital to Digital Transfers

Exhibit Maintenance

  • Hard Copy Exhibits Copied, Tabbed and Bound
  • Maintained Originals Throughout Case Duration
  • Reproduced on CD

ASCII Diskettes

E-transcripts (Windows and Mac Compatible)

Multi-Language Interpreters

Century Transcription Services-CenTranTech

HD Videoconferencing

Internet Realtime

Video Streaming

Adobe Portfolio and Transcript/Exhibit Linking

“Green” Discounts

Deposition Streaming

Scanning and Imaging Document Solutions

National and International Coverage

Online Scheduling Capabilities