SKR Court Reporting Captures Record AND Blessings in 2014

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The eve of a new year is on our doorsteps. As I ponder what the future holds for Stevens-Koenig Reporting, I can’t help but look back over the past year and celebrate so many wonderful blessings. In terms of a quick seasonal checklist, our accomplishments look something like:

1st Quarter:

Last year at this time, we were honored to be recognized in the Denver Business Journal’s List of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies In Denver. As appreciative as we were by this honor, we are even more humbled by the loyal clients, colleagues, employees and vendors that partner with us to deliver excellence throughout the year.

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Judy and Rachel humbly showcasing the DBJ honor.

Other first-quarter news included welcoming Amy Bland into the SKR family in February. We’re so happy to have Amy with us!  As our workload grew, so did our need for quality reporters. Amy beautifully filled that need.

2nd Quarter:

In June, I was blown away by another honor. This time I was nominated as one of the 2014 Outstanding Women in Business. Again, what an honor and such special recognition of the efforts and successes achieved by SKR. At this same time, Carmen Murphy and Michelle Kirkpatrick joined SKR and we welcomed them with open arms! Carmen’s background is in the freelance arena, whereas Michelle’s comes from being a longtime court official in Boulder. Each of these talented ladies brings diverse experience and unique qualities into our firm, as well as excellent realtime reporting skills!! So happy to have them both!!

court reporting denver

Michelle Kirkpatrick

court reporting denver

Carmen Murphy

3rd Quarter:

In August, Wendy Evangelista joined SKR!  Wendy had been covering some overflow work for us for some time, but has now dedicated herself to our firm and our clients. She, too, brings along an extensive background in reporting and excellent realtime skills. Welcome, Wendy!!

court reporting denver

Wendy Evangelista

Also, in the third quarter, we started really stepping up our social media efforts to share great news, tidbits and even funnies with the legal community we serve. Feedback to date has been very positive and we appreciate all the likes on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter (@stevenskoenig).

4th Quarter:

We’re just wrapping up (pun intended) a holiday toy drive in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center. Between SKR clients and employees, we collected well over 100 items and are so excited to make a difference for kids in our own community. This was a rewarding experience and a great opportunity for those with children to teach the desire to help others, particularly during the holiday season when there is so much need.

Over the course of 2014, SKR captured the record in hundreds of depositions. With each one, we provide the quality you’ve come to expect from our staff. Court reporting is our passion. In 2015, we hope you find rewards in pursuing your passion!

Happy Holidays!

As you gather up your own memories from this past year, I wish you and yours all the best. No matter your holiday traditions, I hope you take time to embrace friends and family, share delicious meals and create many new memories to carry with you into 2015 and beyond.

Looking forward to working with all of you again throughout 2015,

court reporting denver
Judy Stevens
Owner, Stevens-Koenig Reporting