Clarifying Your Record (Sounds and Gestures)

Clarifying Your Record for Court Reporting

Pow. Kaboom. Vroom. Pop. What do all these words have in common? They all fall into the onomatopoeia category. “What’s onomatopoeia,” you may ask? Onomatopoeia are words that rely on a picture to make them more understandable. They are sounds that witnesses make to describe a car zooming by or a gunshot that they heard. [...]

5 Tips To Ensure Timely Delivery of Your Deposition

court reporting denver

Time is ticking, and your client is counting on you for the best representation possible. One way to streamline your case flow is to make sure that the deposition transcripts arrive in a timely manner. While you rely on your court reporting firm for the actual delivery, there are some steps you can take to [...]

What Does “Off the Record” in a Deposition Really Mean?

off the record in deposition

When you’re taking a deposition and you announce, “We’re off the record,” you’ll notice that your court reporter will probably look at other counsel in the room to basically agree that he/she can, indeed, go off the record and stop writing at that point.  You might think that since you’re the one taking the deposition [...]

Attorneys: 7 Best Practices for Marking Exhibits in a Deposition

Marking Exhibits in Depositions

Exhibits, of course, are very commonplace in depositions and arbitrations.  At Stevens-Koenig, we see them every day on almost every deposition.  They come to us in every shape and size and, unfortunately, with a variety of numbering systems.  Though we’d never try to tell you there’s a specific way of marking exhibits that is the [...]

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Interpreted Deposition Is Accurate and Useful

Deposition Interpreter

There are going to be times when an interpreter is necessary when taking the deposition of someone who doesn’t speak English.  There are interpreters who are very well trained in the appropriate ways to do an interpretation, but there are also those who are not trained specifically in the interpretation skills associated with taking a [...]

Email Communication Skills for Legal Professionals

Email Communication for Legal Professionals

Law firm staff, paralegals and other legal professionals use email regularly, sending dozens of emails and receiving many more every day.  Email can contain extremely important information or it can appear almost useless, such as advertisements from vendors.  Because email communication is such an integral part of our lives, it’s worth taking some time to [...]

9 Legal Technology Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

9 Legal Technology Blogs

Technology touches every industry. And law is no exception. But as a busy attorney, how are you supposed to keep up on all of the new gadgets and software available? Thankfully, there are other attorneys and legal professionals writing about the latest trends, issues and concerns involving legal technology. By following a few choice blogs, [...]

7 iPad Apps for Attorneys

ipad apps for attorneys

iPads are quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the legal arena.  More and more attorneys are using their iPads during trials and depositions every day.  After you make sure your iPad data is secure and start using it, you’ll probably start looking into what apps you would like to use.  There are thousands of apps that can be added [...]