Turn-Key Court Reporting – Everything You Need in 2015

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Happy New Year! It’s time to sweep away the tinsel and holly. The new year beckons us to develop an action plan to work off the newly acquired muffin top, evaluate finances, and hunker down, roll up our sleeves and make preparations for a productive 2015. While Stevens-Koenig can’t provide the universal secret to weight [...]

SKR Court Reporting Captures Record AND Blessings in 2014

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The eve of a new year is on our doorsteps. As I ponder what the future holds for Stevens-Koenig Reporting, I can’t help but look back over the past year and celebrate so many wonderful blessings. In terms of a quick seasonal checklist, our accomplishments look something like: 1st Quarter: Last year at this time, [...]

Jimmy Fallon and the History of the Stenograph

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Photo credit: GalleryOfShorthand.org Thank you, Stenograph machine, for making it possible to document an 8 hour deposition of an Indian geophysicist testifying about the analysis of the Earth’s atmospheric processes. Whew!!   Do you watch Jimmy Fallon? My favorite segment is his weekly “Thank You Notes.” Here’s a funny one from last year’s holiday season [...]

Clarifying Your Record (Sounds and Gestures)

Clarifying Your Record for Court Reporting

Pow. Kaboom. Vroom. Pop. What do all these words have in common? They all fall into the onomatopoeia category. “What’s onomatopoeia,” you may ask? Onomatopoeia are words that rely on a picture to make them more understandable. They are sounds that witnesses make to describe a car zooming by or a gunshot that they heard. [...]

7 Video Deposition Best Practices

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Can You See It? YES, YOU CAN! Videography is a valuable tool in the deposition toolbox. Video testimony can strengthen a case and is sometimes necessary during an actual trial should a key witness not be able to appear in person. Non-Verbals Impact Interpretation The jury will get a better idea about the demeanor of [...]

Things You Should (and Shouldn’t) Expect From Your Court Reporter

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The Colorado Women’s Bar Association recently asked me to submit a “best practices” type article for their Autumn issue of The Advocate. The following is a copy of the article that was published this month, titled “Things You Should (and Shouldn’t) Expect From Your Court Reporter,” found on page 9 of the publication. I hope the [...]

Choose Your Words Wisely

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As court reporters, we spend the majority of our time diligently capturing the words of witnesses and counsel during depositions. Over the years, we’ve identified a list of commonly misused words that seem to have worked their way into many people’s vocabulary. Since witnesses represent a large cross-section of the population coming from a wide [...]

Don’t Let Bad Questions Tarnish Your Record

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As certified reporters, we spend a vast amount of time capturing the record in a wide range of cases. One detail that always makes us raise an eyebrow is the frequency with which witnesses are asked poorly worded questions, then proceed to answer without asking for clarification. It can be a dangerous trap. Poorly asked [...]

Neutral Meeting Space Improves Litigation Efficiency

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When it’s time to schedule an upcoming deposition, avoid the temptation to host at your law firm. You’re in the business of representing your client, your paralegal is busy preparing other details of the deposition and neither of you are in the business of event planning and hosting. Here are some key reasons to seek [...]