Lead Like a Girl

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching! There are pumpkin spice lattes and warm apple cider at every corner. November is a great time to reflect on all our amazing blessings. Listing everything I’m thankful for would take up more than a year’s worth of posts, so I’ll zero in on my gratitude for being a woman business [...]

Choose Your Words Wisely

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As court reporters, we spend the majority of our time diligently capturing the words of witnesses and counsel during depositions. Over the years, we’ve identified a list of commonly misused words that seem to have worked their way into many people’s vocabulary. Since witnesses represent a large cross-section of the population coming from a wide [...]

5 Online Resources on Retirement for Freelance Court Reporters

freelance court reporter retirement online resources

As a freelance court reporter, you don’t receive benefits that court reporters who are employees may receive. One of those benefits may be a retirement plan, meaning that self-employed court reporters will be required to build their own retirement account. If you haven’t started contributing to a retirement account, we’ve found some articles that may [...]

Court Reporters: How to Choose an Insurance Agent

how court reporters choose an insurance agent

Many court reporters work as freelancers or subcontractors, and are responsible for their own benefits.  This means, as a freelance reporter, you need to figure out what types of insurance are available and which types you require.  These are important decisions, and you should seek expert advice before deciding on which insurances to purchase.  A [...]

4 Financial Management Tips for Freelance Court Reporters

financial management tips for freelance court reporters

As a freelance court reporter, you don’t have financial officers to make sure your business finances are running smoothly. Having an accountant will help you at tax time, but there are responsibilities you will need to pay attention to yourself throughout the year. The better you are at meeting these responsibilities, the easier your financial [...]

When Should a Court Reporter Hire a Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

when a court reporter should hire a bookkeeper

As a freelance court reporter, your freelance work is essentially a small business. You go out and find your own work, and you are responsible for managing your own finances.  In the beginning of your freelance career, you may be able to track all expenses and incoming revenue with simple spreadsheets.  However, there may be [...]