Jimmy Fallon and the History of the Stenograph

stenograph court reporting

Photo credit: GalleryOfShorthand.org Thank you, Stenograph machine, for making it possible to document an 8 hour deposition of an Indian geophysicist testifying about the analysis of the Earth’s atmospheric processes. Whew!!   Do you watch Jimmy Fallon? My favorite segment is his weekly “Thank You Notes.” Here’s a funny one from last year’s holiday season [...]

Steps to Choosing Case Management Software for Your Law Firm

Steps to Choosing Case Management Software - Legal Technology

Many small and mid-sized law firms are contemplating the switch to using case management software. These technologies can be a great benefit in managing cases, clients and firm matters. If you have made the decision to move to case management software, now comes the task of choosing which software is right for your firm. This [...]

9 Legal Technology Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

9 Legal Technology Blogs

Technology touches every industry. And law is no exception. But as a busy attorney, how are you supposed to keep up on all of the new gadgets and software available? Thankfully, there are other attorneys and legal professionals writing about the latest trends, issues and concerns involving legal technology. By following a few choice blogs, [...]

6 Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

Legal Technology - Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

Case management software (CMS) can help a law firm manage cases, clients and firm matters. While CMS has been around for some time, many law firms still are not yet using this tool.  The trend continues that more and more law firms are finally implementing this useful organization management software to better run their cases [...]

6 Resources for Using Video Testimony for Trial Purposes

Video Testimony for Trial

Video depositions can be a great tool for the litigating attorney.  More and more attorneys understand the advantages they can provide such as showing the demeanor of a witness or capturing an expert’s testimony who is not able to attend the trial in person.  If you’re going to use video in a deposition, there are [...]

Advantages of Cloud Computing Hosted Services for Law Firms

cloud computing for law firms

Everyone is talking about the “cloud” these days. Most of the larger court reporting agencies have either already made the switch or are in the processing making the switch to the cloud for many of our in-house processes. Repository access for obtaining your copy transcripts and exhibits are completely cloud-based now so you have 24/7 [...]

7 iPad Apps for Attorneys

ipad apps for attorneys

iPads are quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the legal arena.  More and more attorneys are using their iPads during trials and depositions every day.  After you make sure your iPad data is secure and start using it, you’ll probably start looking into what apps you would like to use.  There are thousands of apps that can be added [...]

4 Easy Ways Attorneys Can Secure iPad Data

Ways Attorneys Can Secure iPad Data

In the internet age, securing data has become a high priority for law firms. When it comes to computers and equipment, most law firms have policies for locking and securing computers and laptops when not in use.  But how about your iPad?  Considering the speed with which we’re adding new technologies these days, many tablets [...]

3 Additional Ways Attorneys Can Use Videoconferencing to Save Time and Money

Ways Attorneys Can Use Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is now convenient and affordable due to the advancement of technology.  There are several ways, outside of the traditional out-of-state deposition setting, to use videoconferencing to your advantage.  We’ve taken a look at some of these uses and want to share them with you. What is videoconferencing and how is it used? Videoconferencing is [...]