Clarifying Your Record (Sounds and Gestures)

Clarifying Your Record for Court Reporting

Pow. Kaboom. Vroom. Pop. What do all these words have in common? They all fall into the onomatopoeia category. “What’s onomatopoeia,” you may ask? Onomatopoeia are words that rely on a picture to make them more understandable. They are sounds that witnesses make to describe a car zooming by or a gunshot that they heard. [...]

7 Video Deposition Best Practices

video deposition denver

Can You See It? YES, YOU CAN! Videography is a valuable tool in the deposition toolbox. Video testimony can strengthen a case and is sometimes necessary during an actual trial should a key witness not be able to appear in person. Non-Verbals Impact Interpretation The jury will get a better idea about the demeanor of [...]

Don’t Let Bad Questions Tarnish Your Record

bad litigation questions

As certified reporters, we spend a vast amount of time capturing the record in a wide range of cases. One detail that always makes us raise an eyebrow is the frequency with which witnesses are asked poorly worded questions, then proceed to answer without asking for clarification. It can be a dangerous trap. Poorly asked [...]

6 Resources for Using Video Testimony for Trial Purposes

Video Testimony for Trial

Video depositions can be a great tool for the litigating attorney.  More and more attorneys understand the advantages they can provide such as showing the demeanor of a witness or capturing an expert’s testimony who is not able to attend the trial in person.  If you’re going to use video in a deposition, there are [...]