Video Conferencing – A Time-Saving Deposition Option!

videoconference room

It’s predicted to be 10 degrees in Denver on the day you’re supposed to fly to Milwaukee for a four-hour deposition.  You’re going there because you want to see the deponent, analyze their demeanor, their body language, their fidgeting or lack thereof.  However, the high in Milwaukee is -14 and you’ll need to fly in on Tuesday for the 9:00 a.m. Wednesday deposition, then probably fly out on Thursday because the last direct flight out of Milwaukee into Denver leaves at 3:00 and the deposition might not be over.  After all, you’ve planned for five hours, but opposing counsel may have questions too, so that makes the ending time a bit iffy as far as a return flight.

Now, consider the videoconferencing alternative that Stevens-Koenig Reporting offers you.  Stay in Denver, come to our comfortable downtown offices and be seated in one of our high-tech videoconference rooms, be served coffee and warm pastries.  A bridge has been set up for you ahead of time for the connection with a Milwaukee court reporting firm who has a reporter sitting there with the deponent and they’re ready to get started.  You see the deponent, their demeanor, all of their body language and depose him/her while sitting back in your chair within a few minutes from your own office.  The deposition ends, you drive back to your office and are producing billable hours on another case by 3:00 p.m.  No traffic on the way to the airport, no airport security, no delayed flight, no hotel costs, no loss of billable time and no braving -14 temperatures.

The choice is clear.  Call Stevens-Koenig Reporting at 303-988-8470 for more details or to set a video conference date and time.  We’ll handle the details from there.