3 Great Benefits of being a Court Reporter

3 Great Benefits of being a Court Reporter

The court reporter’s profession is often misunderstood. Some people may view the job as rote and routine.  However, this is not true! While working on different types of assignments and legal proceedings, court reporters are often presented with new and different adventures every day. Such a career is often filled with fascinating cases, people, and stories. Along with these interesting adventures, a court reporting career offers many benefits:

  1. It’s a rewarding career.

Court reporters play an integral part in the legal process. From taking depositions to transcribing the official record of a trial, court reporters are a necessary component to the judicial system. Accurate transcripts can make or break a case, and someone’s life or livelihood could be on the line.

  1. The court reporting industry provides job security.

Some people have the misconception that the court reporting career will be replaced by technology. However, despite technological advances, technology still presents limitations. The court reporter’s job is not going away any time soon, and the demand for these professionals is actually growing! The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) reported that over 5,000 court reporters will be retiring by 2018. Also, the NCRA reports that the industry will only see around 1,500 new entrants in the same time frame. Therefore, there will be a high demand for court reporters as we move into the next few years.

  1. It provides the opportunity for professional growth and character development.

Due to the nature of a court reporter’s responsibilities, a successful court reporter needs to constantly develop the following professional and character traits: integrity, attention-to-detail, mental toughness, excellent grasp on grammar and vocabulary, great listening skills, time management, and active learning skills. Not only are these traits important for a court reporting career, but they are also extremely important in other aspects of one’s life.

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Source: NCRA