5 Considerations When Hiring a Court Reporting Firm

5 Considerations When Hiring a Court Reporting Firm

When looking for court reporting services, you certainly don’t  want to select a firm based solely on price. Choosing the cheapest option is usually not the wisest choice. In fact, choosing an experienced firm with a good reputation for providing quality services is really more important. It may make the difference for your case.

When searching for a court reporting firm, here are 5 important considerations to think about:

  1. Do they have good customer service?

Working with a firm that treats you right and professionally is a must. The firm should be helpful, friendly, and provide you with the information and services you need. You want a firm that is timely and responsive to their clients and has the turnaround time you need for transcripts and other services.

  1. Can they service your location?

Some court reporting firms have statewide services, and some even have nationwide services. At Stevens-Koenig Reporting, for example, we have offices in Denver, Colorado. However, we have court reporters that work throughout Colorado and also work closely with firms nationwide to provide national deposition scheduling.

  1. How do they handle client confidentiality and privacy protection?

Protecting an individual’s personal information is of the utmost importance in the legal industry. For example, sometimes transcripts can contain Personal Health Information (PHI). Court reporters who handle this sensitive information must follow the regulations established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). From securing and safeguarding PHI to proper disposal or dissemination of PHI, there are strict regulations that court reporters must adhere to in order to protect that information. Therefore, it is important to know how the court reporting firm follows these rules and what protections they have in place to handle sensitive information.

  1. What qualifications do their court reporters hold?

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) offers many certifications. These certifications give you an idea of a court reporters experience level and capabilities. For example, you should inquire about the minimum qualification and certifications a firm’s court reporters must hold. At Stevens-Koenig Reporting, for example, all of our court reporters on staff hold a minimum of an RPR (Registered Professional Reporter) certification. We also have Certified Realtime Reporters (CRR) if you need realtime reporting services. Don’t work with a reporter who has decided that credentials are not important and doesn’t strive for improvement and higher skill levels within their chosen career.

  1. Do they have a long-standing, positive reputation?

While this seems obvious, it is easy to forget to check on a court reporting firm’s reputation. One simple way to do this is to look at reviews and testimonials on their website, social media, Yelp, and Google.

Looking for a Denver court reporter?

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