7 iPad Apps for Attorneys

7 iPad Apps for Attorneys

ipad apps for attorneysiPads are quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the legal arena.  More and more attorneys are using their iPads during trials and depositions every day.  After you make sure your iPad data is secure and start using it, you’ll probably start looking into what apps you would like to use.  There are thousands of apps that can be added to your iPad to allow you to customize your use and increase your productivity.  We know you don’t have the time to search all of them, so we’ve put together a list of a few we know are popular in the legal industry.

7 iPad Apps for Attorneys:

1.  iJuror

This app allows you to leave paper notes behind during jury selection.  With a visually pleasing layout, iJuror allows you to select the size of the juror pool and assign seats for each juror. This allows you to match your iPad notes to specific potential jurors in the same way lawyers have been doing for years on legal pads. You can assign greater visual detail of a perspective juror, and then tag them with notes. You can take notes yourself, or assign an associate or paralegal to take notes for you during jury selection.

2.  TrialPad

TrialPad is a trial presentation and legal file management app. Using TrialPad during a trial or mediation allows you to annotate, present exhibits electronically, manage files and cases and import evidence.  The app has become extremely popular as an evidence presentation tool. In the courtroom setting, for instance, TrialPad will organize your exhibits and allow you to present them in a way that won’t distract you from making your case before a judge or jury. The app can also serve as a way to edit video clips, store important documents, view documents side-by-side and includes a whiteboard for note-taking.

3.  PDF Expert

PDF Expert lets you read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, make notes, draw with your finger and save the changes. PDF Expert is compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat. This app allows you to use your iPad to fill in PDF forms. For example, you can fill in and sign an agreement that is a PDF document right from your iPad. Once the document is completed, it can be easily emailed back or uploaded to cloud storage for further processing.

4.  Keynote

Keynote for iPad allows you to create and show presentations from your iPad.  Keynote contains an amazing number of features tucked behind a few control panels. The extra power of a desktop presentation tool is simply not needed for most presentations. Keynote for iPad can output your presentation to a projector straight form the iPad allowing you to leave the laptop at home. While there is a short learning curve, after spending a little time, you’ll be rewarded with being able to create beautiful presentations with minimal effort.

5.  TranscriptPad

TranscriptPad gives you the freedom of sophisticated transcript review anytime, anywhere. Simple issue coding, highlighting and flagging are the backbone of this app. If you’re tired of lugging paper transcripts onto an airplane, TranscriptPad is for you.  It makes reviewing a transcript a simple and easy process. This app has a powerful search tool that allows you to find key words in a single deposition or across an entire case. TranscriptPad can condense all your review work into an organized report in mere seconds. There are several options to customize your reports and show only what you choose. All your designations can be listed with page and line information and corresponding testimony, organized by the issue codes you created. These can then be emailed or printed.

6.  GoodReader

GoodReader is an app for storing, organizing and reading the various forms of documents that you receive in the course of your practice including PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS, high res images, HTML, and many audio and video formats. Additionally, it easily integrates with cloud-based applications such as MobileMe, Box.net, Dropbox, Google Docs, mailservers, and so forth, making it easy to transfer files to and from the app. Goodreader also allows you to annotate PDF files by adding text boxes, sticky notes, highlights, drawings, and more to your files. You can zoom into files with up to 50x zoom for closely examining small details in pictures and PDFs.

7.  Circus Ponies Notebook

Circus Ponies Notebook is made up of electronic notebooks that look and work like paper notebooks. Each page contains an outline, which can be filled with notes and documents. The first page of every Notebook shows the contents of the notebook in outline form. Some attorneys are using this productivity tool to keep all notes on a case in their iPad. PoniesNotebook allows you work with your notes just like you do on the desktop, with multiple fonts, text colors, tab stops, and text alignment. You can also place attachments within your notes, just like on the desktop, so that you can keep everything in one place.

The key to using an iPad effectively is adding your own customization through various apps.  Implementing the right apps can make a huge difference in how useful your iPad is to your law practice.  If you’re interested in acquiring any of these apps, click on the link we’ve included or they can be found by searching the App Store using the icon on your iPad.

Have you found any of these iPad apps helpful to you? What other iPad apps would you suggest for attorneys?

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