Focus On Our Staff – Claudia Booton

Focus On Our Staff – Claudia Booton

When I set the monthly goal for myself of writing an article on each of our reporters, it seemed like such an easy task. However, the months this year are just flying by (faster than any in past years it seems), and when I sit down to write, I find it hard to relay exactly how I feel about each of these men and women. They are all so totally dedicated to what they do every day and each one redefines excellence through that dedication.

ClaudiaColorSmall Claudia Booton is no exception. She’s a rock star reporter, person and friend. Life is happier, grander, more vivid when Claudia is around. She makes us laugh with stories from her life at home (two dogs, two cats, two kids, one husband) and whatever comical situation happened on the tennis court over the weekend. Even if it wasn’t necessarily “comical” at the time, her retelling of it makes it so! Her ties to her immediate and extended family truly demonstrate the depth of her capacity to love and care for other people. Oh, and she speaks fluent German!

Claudia has been a team member with Stevens-Koenig for many years. She’s always taken great pride in her work and her skills, including realtime services and providing rough drafts to clients to help facilitate their deposition prep. Realtime trials are a welcomed challenge for Claudia, with many clients specifically requesting her for their trial work. She was the owner of Bruno & Booton Court Reporting before coming to SKR, learning firm ownership under the well-known and very experienced John Bruno. Reporting was her passion, though, so the option to report more often, be in front of clients more often, and shuffle paper less often was appealing to her!

When she’s not reporting, Claudia’s favorite summer pastime is tennis. She plays competitively (intentional emphasis on the word “competitively”) at her local tennis club and has recently recruited her husband into the sport. (Probably the only way he gets to spend time with her in the summer!!)

Claudia is President of the Colorado Court Reporters Association. One of my greatest honors this year was giving Claudia’s induction speech on behalf of our Association. Though I’d written my speech out completely, the words came from so deep in my heart that just looking over at Claudia brought a crack in my voice. I literally had to look away to finish the speech. She has a heart as big as Texas and truly will go anywhere at any time to cover work for us. She’ll represent our reporters well as our new CCRA President and will bring ideas to the table that will inspire, inform and educate those who are interested in the field.