Focus on Our Staff – Deanna Baysinger

Focus on Our Staff – Deanna Baysinger

I’d like to introduce you to Deanna Baysinger.  You may have known her as Deanna Lovelace of Lovelace Court Reporting.  That was the firm she started in 1994 when she began court reporting.  She attended Ferris State University in Michigan and received an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences for court reporting.

As soon as she graduated, she moved to Colorado with $500 in her pocket and a goal to begin working as a court reporter.  She chose Colorado Springs as her first home when she moved out West because it was a large city but still was close to the mountains.  For two years, she worked in Colorado Springs and hiked as much as she could in the region.

She moved to Evergreen, Colorado, a few years later where she married her husband who had been a long-time family friend.  They have stayed in the area since then.  They enjoy Evergreen because it is quiet and has a small-town feel to it yet is still close to the mountains.  She and her husband have two active children who keep them busy with school and sports activities.

In April of 2016, Deanna decided to join Stevens-Koenig Reporting and close her business of Lovelace Court Reporting.  She wanted a change from being a firm owner, with the multitude of responsibilities that come along with that, to focusing her talents on reporting only.  Deanna is a realtime reporter with extensive knowledge in many specialty areas.  She truly loves this field of reporting and, in particular, learning things about so many areas of life in which people are involved.  Listening to people share what they love truly interests her.

When she’s not working, she and her family are together exploring Colorado.  They love to camp, but they’re happy doing anything that involves being outdoors.

We’re honored and proud to have Deanna on our team at Stevens-Koenig and all that she brings to the table from her years as a reporter.  She takes pride in her skill set and provides realtime to clients on a regular basis as they know and appreciate the value of that service.

Thank you, Deanna, for your professionalism, your constant smile and your dedication to this career of always providing verbatim services to our exceptional clients.