Focus On Our Staff – Jessica Benson

Focus On Our Staff – Jessica Benson

In our newest tradition of introducing you to our team of talented reporters, I’d like to tell you about Jessica Benson.  Jessica was born and raised near Houston, Texas and proudly announces that she’s just entered the fourth decade of her life.  She was first introduced to court reporting in the 7th grade through one of her sister’s friends who was attending court reporting school at that time.  From that moment on, her career path and direction has never changed.  She was lucky enough to grow up near Alvin Community College which had one of the top-rated court reporting schools in the nation at that time and was fortunate enough to study under Mary Knapp, whose wisdom, dedication to the profession and overall demeanor helped form the basis of the reporter she has become today.

Jessica graduated from court reporting school in May of 1999 and passed the Texas certification test on her first attempt in July of 1999.  She maintains that certification even today.

“The reporting profession has allowed me the flexibility I’ve needed and wanted throughout my career.  In September of 2002, I met my husband, a soldier stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY, home of the 101st Airborne Division.  In October of 2003, after four years of being a freelance reporter in Houston and surrounding cities, I packed up my things and moved to Clarksville, TN.  I spent the next two years reporting in the Nashville area.  Tennessee has some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve ever seen, and it was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to take my professional career there for a few years.”

“In August of 2005, I married that soldier and was very happy with where our life was headed.  However, in September of 2005, he deployed for the second time to Iraq in support of the Global War on Terror and, in November of 2005, he was severely injured by a roadside bomb.  The next ten months consisted of a hiatus from my reporting career and were spent at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.  The flexibility of this profession allowed me to take the time off needed to care for my husband while he rehabbed, but also allowed me to help out other reporters by proofreading to help keep my mental sanity in check.”

What makes Jessica’s story so interesting is that she’d barely moved more than a 10-mile radius from her home before meeting her husband.  She started to learn quickly how moving is part of the military.  “Adapt and overcome” is the military wife motto for a reason!  In November of 2006, she and her husband, known as “Benson” to his friends, moved back to Houston where she had a support system to continue to care for her husband and also had numerous professional contacts to resume her reporting career with ease.  However, after five years in Houston, her Alaskan Native husband decided the heat was too much to handle so they were off again on their next adventure, which lead them to Colorado!

Jessica and Benson welcomed a daughter in October of 2013, and they continue to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer their family.  Jessica’s favorite saying is “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I’ve ended up where I needed to be.”   We’re thrilled that Jessica “ended up” with Stevens-Koenig.  Her reporting skills, including her exceptional realtime capabilities, are an asset that our clients appreciate and admire.  Her personality is professional, yet welcoming and inviting.  She’s a joy to have around the office, but even more of a joy to send out on assignments because I know our clients will be treated well and will receive a verbatim transcript in a timely manner.  She’s always consistent in providing a record that the client can count on.