How to Find a Conference Room in Colorado

How to Find a Conference Room in Colorado

deposition conference room in DenverIf you’re scheduling a deposition in Colorado and need to find a conference room, there are many ways your court reporter can assist in recommending some options for you.  If you’re from outside the State of Colorado, there could be occasions when you need to depose someone who lives in Colorado and that person has no conference room access.  If you’re with a Colorado law firm, there could be instances when your own conference room just isn’t available on the date and time you need to use it.  In either case, you can rely on your court reporter for assistance.

How Your Court Reporter Can Help

Most larger court reporting agencies will have complimentary conference space available for your use when taking depositions. All you need to do when you call to schedule the deposition is let the agency know you’ll need to reserve their conference room as well. You’ll also need to let them know how many people you expect to attend so an appropriately sized room can be reserved.  Take into consideration the additional space needed if you’ll be utilizing the services of a videographer in addition to a court reporter.

Some Options to Consider

Many local libraries have conference space available, but you will need to consider the hours in which the library is open.  You’ll need to work within their timetables in order to utilize their space. There is usually a very nominal fee for this rental.

Some courthouses have extra jury rooms or office space that you can reserve for taking a deposition or for client conferences. You can call the specific Clerk of Court to check availability.

The larger hotel chains have conference rooms or specific rooms that are set up for business meetings.  The costs vary based on the size of the room and the accommodations that they provide.  You’ll need to contact the hotel directly to check on their offerings and prices.

Conference Rooms with Stevens-Koenig Reporting in Downtown Denver, Colorado

At Stevens-Koenig Reporting, we have six conference rooms available for your use when taking depositions in our Mile High city.  Five are in the heart of downtown at the base of the 16th Street Mall and one is in southwest Denver close to the cities of Lakewood, Littleton, Golden and Morrison.  Any one of these rooms can be reserved at no cost to you.  If all our rooms are booked on a particular day, we’ll be happy to assist you with finding an alternative location for your deposition proceedings.


To easily schedule a deposition and reserve a conference room with Stevens-Koenig Reporting, call us at (303) 988-8470 or toll-free at (888) 728-3356.  We look forward to assisting you!