How to Prepare Your Client for a Video Deposition

How to Prepare Your Client for a Video Deposition

Attorneys are painfully aware that the wrong answer in a video deposition, or even a poor demeanor and wardrobe, can literally destroy a case. That is why it is so important for the lawyer to fully prepare the client for what is about to come, which they normally are quite anxious about.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Day

Never wait until 24 hours or less before the deposition to begin preparation. Make sure you schedule it ahead of time so there is enough time to book a court reporter and videographer.

A good rule of thumb is that for every hour of deposition time scheduled, the lawyer should spend two hours of prep time with the client. The exception may be if the deposition is scheduled for a full day or more, the time could be adjusted downward if all the bases are covered.

Try to Keep It Simple and the Client Relaxed

You should start the preparation by reviewing the main facts and documents from the case. Discuss some strategies to answer questions that are likely to be asked. Make sure you ask the tough ones too, especially for sensitive individuals. You don’t want them to be caught off guard with unexpected questions. Tell them how long the deposition may last, but don’t give them promises. Try to keep a calm demeanor as it should help the client relax.

Also, it is important to suggest an appropriate wardrobe for the deposition day so that they will look and feel confident and assured of themselves.

The most important thing to teach your client – do not volunteer information! Explain that even though they have a duty to tell the truth, they don’t need to help the other side by talking too much and “spilling the beans” by mistake. Sure, the opposing attorney will try to challenge their credibility and upset your client, but they must be aware to never get argumentative or defensive, as that usually ends badly for their case.

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