Humble Beginnings to Award Winning Growth

Humble Beginnings to Award Winning Growth

denver business journal fastest growing private companiesThis blog will be a bit “out of the box” for me and probably only one of its kind.  I prefer writing informational blogs, things that might help you with some task during your day.   But last month, I was proud and humbled when the Denver Business Journal awarded our company 7th place in their listing of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Private Companies in their Level V division. When I began my court reporting career back in 1978, I didn’t know that the DBJ even had a Top 10, much less dream that we’d someday be in 7th place!!  For me, it’s always been about providing the best possible court reporting service and litigation solutions. I guess when you work hard, reward your team, appreciate your clients and keep up with the latest technological advances in the legal field, good things just happen!

Wait, I’m getting the cart ahead of the horse. The bottom line is that in winning this prestigious award, my thoughts have turned to just how we got here, to the point of even being considered for the DBJ’s evaluation, much less being awarded 7th Place on their list. As you can likely tell, I’m very proud (and humbled) by this accomplishment. Stevens-Koenig has changed a lot over the years and in thinking about those changes, I thought it would be a great opportunity to open up to you and share some of that personal journey.

Here’s a quick timeline of Stevens-Koenig Reporting’s history:

1978 Began working as an overflow freelance reporter for various court reporting firms, learning from the best.
(This is the year Debby Boone hit the top charts with “You Light Up My Life”, along with the BeeGees’ “Staying Alive”. The Sony Walkman was first introduced.)
1992 After working with Marchetti Reporting for a number of years, Joyce Marchetti asked if I wanted to purchase her firm as she was on her way to New York to start acting classes. Strange change in career, but who am I to ask? The firm name was changed to Stevens Reporting Service.
1994 Even while owning Stevens Reporting Service, I was doing overflow work for Laura Koenig & Associates. In 1994, Laura was ready to retire and asked if I wanted to buy her firm. Laura trained me to actually “run” a firm as opposed to just being a court reporter.  We incorporated as Stevens-Koenig Reporting.
(Forrest Gump and The Lion King were the top movies this year.)
2007 My kids were now grown and empty-nesting took over. Seemed logical to step up this “labor of love” and take on a “serious career path.” I wanted more direct interaction with the paralegals and attorneys, and closer relationships with the reporters who were working for me. I also started taking on a more active role in Denver’s legal community. Our expanding client base required staff expansion with clear missional focus on quality deposition solutions and superior service.
(7th in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released this year.)
2011 We acquired beautiful conference room facilities at 216 16th Street, Suite 1600 to accommodate our increasing out-of-town deposition requests, and stepped up branding and marketing efforts to better communicate SKR’s  mission, vision and core values. This same year we acquired a 2,500 square foot office location in Lakewood, CO where all of our production functions are handled.
(Prince William and Kate Middleton were married at Westminster Abbey.)
2012 Implemented web-based remote deposition solutions which combines audio and video conferencing into one secure virtual experience. This solution allows our clients to save travel time and money while improving their productivity.
2013 Acquired Bruno & Booton Reporting in January of 2013
Applied for and Received the WBENC certification (Woman-owned business designation)
Acquired Richardson Reporting Service in October 2013
Elected to the Board of the Colorado Court Reporters Association
Became Co-Chair, CWBA’s Non-Attorney Legal Professional’s Committee
Launched a new website as well as an informative and user-friendly blog

In looking back, I truly am in awe of all the changes, challenges and great accomplishments of our firm and our team. I’m proud of the reporters who work for us and their continual pursuit of higher education and credentialing. Realtime reporting is no longer a future concept – it’s here today. All of our court reporters pride themselves on their realtime skills and their abilities to produce a clean, usable rough draft.

2013 has been a big year for us! The Denver Business Journal’s recognition is just icing on the cake! DBJ performs a rigorous evaluation of various performance categories, so ranking 7th in the competitive Denver community is a big achievement. We humbly know we couldn’t have obtained this level of success without our loyal clients.

As deposition experts, we promise to continue providing accurate and timely transcripts utilizing professional, credentialed reporters. In addition, we will always deliver excellent customer service in all aspects of our court reporting solutions.

Thank you for giving our firm the opportunity to “EARN” your business and for taking this trip with me down memory lane!