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Court Reporting Services

Our highly trained and certified court reporters provide comprehensive services with a solutions-oriented approach. Utilizing the latest technologies, our reporting services can be tailored to meet your specific legal needs in the Denver area, around the U.S., and internationally.


We make scheduling your deposition easy. Our certified deposition court reporters are trained in realtime, video and verbatim court reporting and can manage any size case in any size firm from standard discoveries to technical and medical proceedings.

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Realtime Reporting

Our team of realtime court reporters enables you to view your transcript live as the record is being taken. With our cutting-edge technology, we can provide a stream of the transcription delivered straight to your laptop, tablet or mobile device. We can also stream this content remotely to your litigation team members alleviating the need to travel.


Benefits of Realtime Reporting

  • View an immediate unedited transcript on site
  • Annotate text during testimony
  • Remote streaming allows others to view proceedings real-time
  • Time stamping
  • Provides accessibility for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals
  • Realtime Video Streaming

Exhibit Maintenance

Successful litigation requires efficiently organized exhibits. We carefully maintain your exhibits throughout the case.

• Hard copy exhibits are copied, tabbed and bound
• We maintain certified copies of all exhibits for reference throughout a case.
• All exhibits are OCR scanned for maximum searchability and linked to transcripts for maximum accessibility


In addition to instant rough drafts that can be provided by your realtime reporter, an edited and carefully proofread transcription of your proceedings will be offered. Stevens-Koenig adheres to the National Court Reporters Association’s Transcript Formatting Guidelines to ensure you get a consistent, accurate transcript every time.


We will provide your keyword-indexed transcript in your chosen format – on disk, paper, or electronically through email. Expedited transcripts are available.


A customized transcript linked to your exhibits can also be created using Adobe Portfolio. In one simple PDF file, your organized transcript will include all of your exhibits, transcripts, an index, and ASCII files.

You can also access your transcripts 24/7 through our online repository.

Legal Videography

Our Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) use professional equipment. We provide a clear picture and audio of your deposition or hearing. We can reproduce your video into any format  (DVD, CD, VHS, SVHS, MPEG 1, 2, 4), will synchronize text to video and can provide linear and non-linear editing. We can also provide digital-to-analog transfers or digital-to-digital transfers.


Our Legal Videography services include:

Medical Examinations
Day in the Life
Product Evaluations
Inspections (accidents, construction defects, etc.)